by Wanderers

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released January 26, 2016

Written, recorded, and performed by Thomas Munguia, Chase Evans, and Adam Pharaon
Additional guitars- Trent Fulk
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Aaron Isbell of Nocturnal Studios



all rights reserved


Wanderers Houston, Texas

Progressive Metalcore from Houston, Texas.

Adam Pharaon - Drums

Braeden Alter - Guitars

Thomas Munguia - Vocals/Guitars

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Track Name: Backlash
I just can't
I just can't live
I cannot live without

If I have lost you,
tell me what's the point?
If I have lost you,
then I've lost it all

I've always had to learn
things the hard way
Like not getting attached
I carry too much
Like being a slave

Been a slave to my emotions

The scent of your skin,
The taste of your lips,
Oh my God

I can't keep it together
You left and took my sanity with you

I've always had to learn
things the hard way
Like not getting attached
I carry too much
Like being a slave

Been a slave to my emotions
You left and took my sanity with you
Track Name: Hypothesis
You need to realize that you're in danger
You took the love of my life now I can never save her
I let her out of my sight
And now you're not leaving mine

My soul is going to fucking burn

Everything will be erased
Except for what you've done wrong
No need to plant a seed
Whatever comes from it will rot

And I became so attached and so familiar
I believed that everything would last forever
I've grown, I've changed
But with you as the cause of this,
I'm going insane

Foolish motherfucker
I bet you thought that you could run forever
But it's a waste of time
Cause I've made up my my mind
I have my sights set on you
There's nothing that you can do

I will burn

And now I'm planning your demise

Even in my agony,
I hope this makes you happy
Track Name: Suffer With Me
From me,
You've taken everything,
You've ruined it all,
and you're not ashamed

I'm taking matters into my own hands,
There is no judge and there is no jury

Suffer with me,

My life has no meaning,
and I've come to accept
Your cries for helps
Are all I have left

I won't even dig your grave
You don't deserve to be buried
I'll set this room ablaze
Burning this burden that I carry

I'm only waiting on your heart to stop
You're giving a fight but I'm not giving up
I don't care if you take me with you
What you did to her won't compare to
What I'll do to you

Look at me now, look me in the eye
Witness the pain, the barren landscape
of dreams burned to the ground
Of hopes tortured and thrown away

You will Suffer With Me
Track Name: Foot in the Grave
This isn't me
This isn't me
I can't keep coming up with these bullshit excuses
To justify what I've been doing

Downward spiral or not I can't keep running because
Eventually, I'll be caught

I'll be caught

This overwhelming feeling of shame
I can't pretend, I can't pretend
That it's without reason

All it takes is for you to blink and
Everything you know will fall out from under you
I would lie awake at night
I didn't want this to become my reality

I'm guilty of playing the victim
I'm guilty of being the cause
I'm aware of the effects of my actions
I'm pretty sure all hope is lost

All hope is lost

I cannot pretend that it's without reason
Track Name: Drift
The sun sets on another day
I spent it thinking of you
The substance in my veins

People like me,
We always end the same

Your absence eats away at me,
Turning the page is never easy,
In between my knees I'm searching,
For a reason to believe

If I could turn back time,
I would do it in a heartbeat
There is always more than
What there seems to be

I was true to you and our love from the start
Your presence took hold of my heart
And now I'm forced to admit

I poured myself into this
And I have nothing to show

I'm losing my grip,
My sanity is a sinking ship

As I reached for the gun in the drawer,
Ready to set myself free,
so I don't have to deal with this anymore
Something stopped me, something familar

I felt you
Track Name: The Impending Disconnect
Too much is conditional,
And too much has changed,
Why do I feel so defeated,
If everything is still pending?

I want to be that
Person that helps another
Hold their head up high

But I have too many
Problems of my own
I just wanna stay unknown
Until the day I die

I can't give up but I want to so badly

Feeling alone,
What's someone like me to do?
Do I do this to myself,
or is this solely because of you?

Too afraid to start,
and too afraid to finish
I'll put on a brave face,
so you can bare witness

Adolescence to adulthood,
Everything in between is a blur
I rode the waves, somehow
Somehow I'm just not sure

Was it me who really did this?
Was it me who ruined your life?
Is it me the one who deserves to die?